To appreciate Nicola Bacchilega’s eponymous label, one needs an open perspective to comprehend his surrealistic creative process. An amalgamation of artistic fluency and
intellectual flexibility, Bacchilega’s creation process declares a love for his trade. From sourcing textiles and handcrafting ceramics in Italy, personal embroidery and persevering his ideas, from the initial sketch to the final outcome. With materials, colour schemes and tailoring resulting from Bacchilega’s strength with referencing cultures, eras, and muses, each collection’s concept is ensured to be consistently onbrand, yet innovative.

However, Bacchilega isn’t only beautifying the industry, but also the essence of Italian culture. With the timeless preservation of Italian craftsmanship, and storytelling capabilities, his designs are a contemporary interpretation of past traditions, a reverence for cultural referencing and a stylistic representation of alternative romance. His pieces are timeless symbols of delicacy, denoting an identity through a settled contrast of opulence and elegance. With each collection, Bacchilega takes us on a personal journey that transcends beyond the mundane, into a vision of the future, where art and style move to the realms of fantasy. Bacchilega regards defying expected interpretations as being integral to the creative process. Deliberately challenging conventional mindsets, he delves into the opposite end of the design spectrum, to a theoretical position, which knows no bounds, where aesthetically reinterpreting the silhouette of the Maghreb’s djellaba into a wool and silk cape tunic, is just the creative icing on the cake.

Nicola Bacchilega possesses a formative background in Sculpture from the School of Art for Ceramic in Faenza, Italy, and a study of the techniques of processing metals based on Master Pomodoro’s initiative; an ongoing development, which has become a dependable prerequisite to his design process. This is evident from the formation of his SS18 ‘Golden Ceramic Sculpture’, his proclivity for embellishment, detail and proportions, to how he stylistically carves a variety of geometric shaped cutouts onto delicate fabrics. With an ability to enrich a silhouette with such ethereal fluidity, akin to the billowing cloth depicted on The Hora of Spring from Sandro Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’/‘Nascita di Venere’, (c. 1486), Bacchilega’s aesthetic is an embodiment of exaggerated femininity.

It is his honed artisanal skills, which have established him as a specialist when conceptualizing ideas based on the human form; “always centered on the basis of sculpture and a deep analysis of forms and figures”, divulges Bacchilega. One glance at the elongated proportions, experimentation with symmetry and graceful tailoring structure is indicative of an inventive mindset influenced his exposure to fashion at a young age. A self-motivated yearning to conceive a future in fashion, his already consolidated knowledge of materials, colours, embroidery and appliqués was further honed his mentor, Milena Altini, who granted him access to her studio, instilled the mastery of leather and aided him in envisioning a future in fashion. With the desire to create for those who wish their style to be reflective of who they truly are, Nicola Bacchilega is a label that transcends beautiful clothes, to a lifestyle with magnetism that recapitulates the aesthetic of romanticism and contemporary culture.

Written by Nahuel Contreras