A/W 2016


The collection draws inspiration from the Candomble` “dance in honour of the gods”. Candomble` is an oral tradition based on African beliefs which is particularly popular in Brazil and which was carried over the Atlantic by African slaves brought to Latin America. Orixas are ancestors who have been defied. Each Orixa`represents a certain force in nature, a link between the spiritual and the human worlds and each outfit in turn is based on an Orixa`.

What mainly defines the collection are the colour explosions which highlight the nature of the fabrics and their textures without losing refinement. The design of each item is a natural combination of chromatic rhythms which follow the body in bold but graceful movements. The project’s emphasis on detail becomes apparent in its embroideries and its refined finishes, while the use of hybrids of various traditional techniques and handworks accentuates the contrast of light and dark. Shaped as wearable sculptures, the accessories evoke a notion of armours and shields and are completed in their feel by pre-shaped leather workings. The collection is balanced by the use of  natural tones, which dominate the colour spectrum. The contrasts flow into a complete ensemble which channels fascination with a woman’s natural grace and confidence.