The collection Spring Summer 2017 was inspired by its creator’s observation of the contemporary society: he perceived it as filled with fear, sadness, chaos and environmental issues, he felt it was in need of a transformation and metamorphosis that would lead to a brighter future. According to a concept of sustainability and reflecting an intention of making something unique with less waisting and eco-friendly products, fabrications and tanning, the collection aims at giving out a message to everyone: the world must change and we can make it better. Being an expression of the creator’s vision of a positive change, the collection has been called “Bigbang”. It is the story of the explosion into a new life, when a caterpillar breaks a chrysalis and becomes a beautiful butterfly. Such a metamorphosis, which by many can considered death, is actually a symbol of rebirth and it represents the soul which, coming out from the body, reaches a higher level of perfection. The projection of ourselves, the spiritual journey which anyone could be able to face during a lifetime, reflecting the hope of a flourishing future.
This collection visually represents the journey from darkness to light. The designer’s imagination
draws an explosion that breaks the shield of the hearth-crust/chrysalis Heroine women come out of
and represents their mutated essence, portraying their being ready to accomplish their mission and
starting a new beginning. Initial dark colours and structured shapes made of “magma surface”, braided fabrics and heavy armour-like embellishments, visioning a war march, leave then space to
nude shades standing for a daring woman who is about to start her metamorphosis. The colour spectrum becomes brighter, the skin tone colour of natural leather gives life to a hybrid butterfly’s
foetus gown, making volumes and shapes more fluid. Final white silk ruffles on floating gowns catch the eye and represent the new sparkling beginning. As if through a prism or the water evaporation effect, the light of white evolves to watercolour rainbow wings of peace, leaning towards a new life and projecting an image filled with fantasy and allure.
The designer’s traditional background is the starting point for new techniques and embellishments:
artisanal crochet is made innovative in its application to leather and ceramics is used for surface
embellishments. The result being a unique touch given to each creation and an explicitly shown
higher knowledge. Each garment is immaculately constructed to ensure form-enhancing fit, exquisite surface details add all important finishing touches to each confection, displaying couture
levels of craftsmanship.